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Workbook Maker LicenseKey

Developer: redfox, Inc.
2 usd

Attention!This is just a license key to unlock additional features in "Workbook Maker(the free one)".You have to install "Workbook Maker" too.This application can not be started directly and does not show up in the HOME screen.Please read the "Usage" below before installing this app.
This app has not been confirmed in Android 5.0 models nor later. Please refund immediately if you do not work even if it is installed.
for details of return paid apps.
About this appThis app is a plugin for the "Workbook maker(*1)".Install it if you want use the full function of the "Workbook Maker".
- Advertising will be disappeared.- Unlimit lines.- Unlimit notes.- Unlimit saving score.- Customize color of lines.
*1 "Workbook Maker" is a free app for creating your own workbook.
UsageIt is necessary for "Workbook maker" (free ver.) has been installed in your smartphone for using this app.You can install "Workbook maker" from "More by KATATE Apps".
After installing this app, launch "Workbook maker"(free ver.), then advertisement will be disappear.